Friday, January 27, 2006

Jimin or chewing gum

Today Emmy invited her little friend, Jimin, to her home for tea after school. They played 'baby and mummy' in the garden. After having tea they played computer games and musical statue together. They had so much fun with each other. Jimin supposed to go home about 6:00pm, however, her daddy came to pick her up earlier around 5:30pm because he had to go out later. As soon as the bell rang, it was about time for her to leave with her daddy. Emmy burst into tears at once and cried' Jimin, Jimin, Jimin, ......'. She just couldn't let her dear friend go. As her mum, for several times I tried to comfort her and said, 'Emmy, we can invite her to come again!'............ she still kept crying and crying but finally said' I want chewing gum...'(?) So, Jimin's daddy gave her some and this is the end of the story. (ps. Jimin had a little bit chewing gum in her pocket.) I was just wondering if she wanted Jimin or chewing gum. She told me afterwards that she wanted both.

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year in Southampton