Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mum, it's coming out!

It's a wonful sunny afternoon while we were doing gardening. Followed by a long winter, the garden needs a lot of work to come back alive. First of all, we have to get rid of weeds of all kinds, which includes anything you don't like.
We enjoyed doing gardening and discovering a lot of slugs and insects hiding under those weeds. I have to say, it was disgusting because you never knew what you were going to adventure!
We found a bit round fat thing hiding in a brick hole. We didn't want to disturb it although it looked a bit strange to us. It also seemed very safe to us so that we decided to leave it and kept enjoying our gardening. Just then, a frightened shout from my little boy, "Mum, it's coming out!". That moment became very scary to me as well. We've never seen such a big slug in our life! What the old round intruder is? Where did it from? We have no idea about it except horror. Quick as fast as we can, we'd tried our very best to put it in a shopping bag and tied a knot. Because of fright, we decided to pack it with another two bags(just in case it is poisonous and might escape from one bag, three should be enough!)and throw it into bin. A rubbish truck will take them away tomorrow morning. Not very long, we felt save to do so.
Just before we went out, Emmy came out from our lounge and asked if she could see the monster. She is so curious and always moan for what she wants to have. Therefore we had to decide to open and show her the ugly monster. As soon as she saw it, she cried out" a snail! Oh, I know, I know, it's a snail that I found its shell the other day. I want to take a picture of it to show dad". She was so excited that Mike and I burst into laugh and felt astonished.
It's a snail without its shell! What are we doing here, Mike? What are we scared of? A monster?
We enjoy this kind of lovely day and will adventure a little bit more in our garden.