Friday, September 29, 2006


Watching the film 'Crouching Tiger, Hiding Dragon'(臥虎藏龍) by Ang Lee,
You would never expect some questions like as follows.
'Mum, I am the Tiger', said Mike.
(He was born in the year of Tiger)
'And, I am the Dragon', said Emmy.
(She was born in year of Dragon)
Oh, no, you know what?
I kept a tiger and a dragon at home. What can I say? What can I ask for more?
A question unexpectedly happened again,
but mum, My teacher is Mrs. Crouch!, said Emmy.
So~~it is Crouching Dragon instead of Tiger...
Does it matter?
Let's check the dictionary!
Crouch: to bend your knees and lower yourself so that you are close to the ground and leaning forward slightly.
Hide: I suppose everybody know what it is.
So~~Why not? 'Can we change them over?', said Emmy.
That is, Crouching Dragon, Hiding Tiger.(臥龍藏虎)
It sounds strange, isn't?
It is another long story though...From an old saying........
Can we change it?
Can we..........
Ask no more, Emmy, this time I will find out the story for you!


Happy Moon Festival to U all!

'What is Moon Festival, mum?'' Why???'
Mm~ it a long story~~ Where to start?
mm~~~it time to have some Moon cakes!
Would you like to have one?
'Have I had that before? I can't remember!'
Yes, of course and you loved it!
'really? '
Those culture things are far too difficult to understand for my kids day by day...
A friend from Taiwan is visiting tomorrow...
So, we are lucky and are going to have some fresh moon cakes soon!
Yummy! yummy?
I don't, personally, enjoy those sweet types very much although their flavor has been improved each year.
However, I do! The traditional savory one with green bean mash and dried pork or egg yolk
stuffed inside.
I wonder, what flavor is coming to us tomorrow?
The Moon in here is not especially round or light as we had experienced 4 times now.
This year, apart from being missing my families and friends, I like to do something different for myself....
So, keep changing...not exactly like the Moon, but hopefully it's a good start!
Happy Moon Festival to U all~~~