Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Moon Festival to U all!

'What is Moon Festival, mum?'' Why???'
Mm~ it a long story~~ Where to start?
mm~~~it time to have some Moon cakes!
Would you like to have one?
'Have I had that before? I can't remember!'
Yes, of course and you loved it!
'really? '
Those culture things are far too difficult to understand for my kids day by day...
A friend from Taiwan is visiting tomorrow...
So, we are lucky and are going to have some fresh moon cakes soon!
Yummy! yummy?
I don't, personally, enjoy those sweet types very much although their flavor has been improved each year.
However, I do! The traditional savory one with green bean mash and dried pork or egg yolk
stuffed inside.
I wonder, what flavor is coming to us tomorrow?
The Moon in here is not especially round or light as we had experienced 4 times now.
This year, apart from being missing my families and friends, I like to do something different for myself....
So, keep changing...not exactly like the Moon, but hopefully it's a good start!
Happy Moon Festival to U all~~~



At 6:30 AM, Blogger Maggie Liu said...


月到中秋份外明,也越讓人想起一起共度的時光!! 希望她一切都好,祝她中秋節快樂,相信這是你我共同的心願!!


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Maggie Liu said...

by 風帆如絲

At 2:15 AM, Blogger Grace LIU said...

Hi Jin,
Thanks for your comment, however, it is too late to help us by your reply.
We are hopeless for we had almost finished those fantastic cakes on the first day they arrived.
Besides, we had also eaten a pack of dried beef, a pack of dried pork and a pack of 5 spices bean steak on the SAME day.
Now, there are only four cakes left, we will try to eat them slowly as you suggested.
IT HAS TO BE VERY SLOWLY ~~ for the four mouths.
I can imagine it is not a easy task!
Anyway, Happy Moon Festival to your families as well.

With love, Grace

At 4:00 AM, Blogger Grace LIU said...

To M,
I still can picture it very clearly in my memory.
As you know, we just had some Moon cakes last Sunday.
As soon as we saw the cakes, something happened,
'I like that one!', said Mike.
I was about to explain what flavor it is. But...
'I had that before, so I know its taste looks like, said Mike again.
I was a bit confused, really? When?
Kevin couldn't figure it out at once.
And then I soon realised that it was on the night nearly three years ago.
'I remember Granny was sitting on her wheelchair, and Grandad, Jannifer, and...', said Mike.
'I remember we went to Hippo kindergarden every day and then went to visit Granny in the hospital, don't forget to put on your masks before going there...', said Emmy.
'Yes, I remember that but I didn't like the mask...', replied Mike.
I am very impressed, to be honest!
How amazing!
It is still very close in my heart and theirs.
It's the first time they celebrate Moon festival and the last time they celebrate it with their Granny,too.
Of course she was very happy that night. We were very happy as well!
'If Granny is still alive, you will be more happier, won't you?', said my little girl.
Yes, of course, my dear.
I have to admit that she is sweet and thoughtful although she could drive you mad sometimes.
They are missing Granny and wish can do something for her, no matter how small the things are...
We wish the best to her - our Mum and their Granny.
'We wish the best to Grandad,too!'
I wonder who sent to Moon cakes here?
Happy all the time to U all!

With love, Grace


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